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Directory submission is the process of taking an existing website and adding it to another. There are thousands of Directories all over the internet. A directory, known on the internet as a web directory is a website that offers a comprehensive list of other websites, realdetroitweekly services and products from around the internet. It is much like a telephone directory but on the web. The benefit of having your website listed in a web directory is much like having your product or service listed in a telephone directory. If people do not know your company exist, then how will they find it? Having your website listed in a web directory gives an internet user more chance of stumbling across your website when looking for something in particular. stumbledirectory

Directory submission is the term used for submitting your websites details to a web directory. In the process of submitting your site for inclusion into a directory the person submitting the site will have to provide details of the site he/she is submitting. The main details that will be needed for a successful directory submission are: weebo


  • Website URL
  • Website Title
  • Website Category
  • Website Description
  • Name
  • Email


Additional information may also be asked for when submitting a site like keywords for example. Keywords are words that are associated with your directory submission. This means when a person searches abstract art for example, and you have attached that keyword along with your site, natu-real then the search results will show your site as potential result for those keywords. Keywords can be very important as most web directories hold details of thousands of companies, and searching through them by a search term is a quicker way for a user to find what they are looking for.

Once your website has been submitted to a web directory, it is then up to the owner of that website to approve your directory submission or not. Factors that influence that decision include: whether the website is relevant to the category it has been submitted in, whether the website has good content, whether the website is complete and not still under construction. If your website matches all 3 of those criteria’s you will almost certainly be accepted. Sites that have a lower acceptance rate have one or all of these downfalls, vibrantbiz or are in the categories of Adult or Warez sites, which are usually accepted less.

When a webmaster accepts your site for inclusion into his/hers web directory, you normally get an email, but not all web directories do this. Again once included, your site should then be visible to the search engines and will register as a backlink for that site. A backlink is a website linking to another website. Backlinks are important to a websites success. The more of these you have the more chance people have of finding your product/service and the more chance you have of making sales in the online world. Directory submission is a fantastic way to achieve this. This is due to the shear amount of directories online and the amount of links that they can generate towards another website.

Submitting your website to one directory can be quite an easy task, and hey presto you have one backlink to your website, recommendit but if you want to be successful and have returning customers you need thousands of backlinks (thousands of other websites pointing to yours). Google and other search engines rank a website higher in their search results if you have lots of backlinks. If you imagine it takes 5 minutes to do one directory submission, and you want to submit your website to 1000 directories, that works out to 5000 minutes of your time spent achieving this, 83.3 hours to be precise. Now directory submission seems like it could be way too time consuming to help you in your quest for sales and traffic.

What if I told you someone else can do the directory submission for you, and save you 83 hours of your life, allowing you to concentrate of other aspects of your website. I think everybody would jump at that opportunity. So what is 83 hours worth? I personally value my time at $20 p/h. That would equate to $1660 of my time spent on directory submission and gaining backlinks to my website. For more info please visit here:-


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