Gathering of Fairy Friends in the Miniature Garden During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than a day on the calendar. This holiday began as a celebration of giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest. Today many fairies adriancochieci have extended the meaning of Thanksgiving into a gathering of friends and family to show how grateful they are for their friendship. If you would like to commemorate the spirit of Thanksgiving in your miniature fairy garden, here are some tips and suggestions to show gratitude.

Since the celebration signifies the fall harvest, jobzipk begin accessorizing the miniature garden by filling baskets with pumpkins, apples, carrots, and gourds that represent the crops of the season. In shades of orange, red, and yellow, the fairy garden will pop with color. A Market or Gathering Basket, with a handle, works well in holding items. Next, add some feathery reeds from ornamental grasses to impart much texture to the grouping. Tie the reeds into a bundle and tuck them into the basket. As a final touch, using embroidery floss, tie a tiny bow to the basket handle. Use the decorations as a centerpiece on a mini tablescape or line a group of baskets along the seat of a bench. To decorate the outdoor area, place the decorations by the entrance to the cottage. The bounty basket is one example of a Thanksgiving decoration, thefantasytimes but in a miniature garden you are not limited to using baskets.

Consider all the containers available for the minis. Place adriancochieci the gourds in a wagon that has been pulled near the garden or barn. A wheelbarrow is another resource for holding the bounty of vegetables and fruit from the garden. Do you have a stone fence? Lean a wagon wheel against the fence and place a pile of pumpkins at its base. (Here is a tip: If you want this display to be permanent, add some mini dot adhesives to hold the pumpkins together.) A favorite container that will hold the fall decorations is a silver metal tub that has been placed on the patio and decorated with pumpkins at its base. Add a lantern and “Welcome Harvest” sign houseofbling to incorporate a personal touch.

The scene has been set, but there is more to Thanksgiving than decorations. Time to think about the gratitude felt towards family and friends. Gather your favorite fairies, gnomes, elves, pixies, and trolls for a Thanksgiving meal. Begin by crafting a table long enough for all the guests. Use two half-log planters or urns as bases and then add a tabletop made from paint sticks. Cut the sticks to the desired length and tape two or three sticks together to form a table top. Stain or paint the tabletop whatever color you would like or leave it a natural wood tone. If this table is going to be used outside, ameriagency consider using a polyurethane sealer on top. Set the tabletop on the bases. To add a rustic touch, use a strip of burlap ribbon as a table runner and then place your fall decoration as the centerpiece. Since the wee guests need a place to sit, think eclectic by mixing and matching chairs to place around the table or purchase a coordinating group of bistro chairs. If there are trees surrounding the patio, add some bling by stringing a strand of twinkle lights above the tablescape. Another idea is to run a wire above the table and hang a couple of rustic chandeliers to create the look of peacefulness and relaxation. What a comfortable gathering place for the fairies and friends!

During this holiday season, look through the “real life” magazines for ideas on how to refresh your miniature garden to fit the occasion. The changing of the seasons brings much excitement into the world of minis, because it is time to re-purpose the gardening landscape. For more info please visit sites here:-


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